Discover how research groups are leveraging the power of SIRIUS to elevate their metabolomics data analysis across various fields, including drug discovery, diagnostics, food industry, environmental toxicology, and materials science. Explore exciting discoveries and find out how our tools can empower you to uncover the next groundbreaking molecule. For an extensive list of discoveries, click here.

SIRIUS is setting new standards in molecular identification, enabling the elucidation of previously uncharted compounds, and making a valuable contribution to both science and industry. Our commitment is to continue improving SIRIUS and shaping the future of metabolomics research by initiating new research projects to further this mission.


Scouring the oceans: Revealing the chemical potential of marine microorganisms with SIRIUS

Marine microorganisms offer a rich source of bioactive compounds with unique structures and remarkable biological activity. This makes them an important resource for the search for new therapeutic compounds, which is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. To narrow down the search to the most promising microorganisms, SIRIUS is nearly doubling the number of natural products annotated to estimate the chemical potential of microbial extracts.

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